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Why Underground?

When you are considering where to move or expand your business, consider joining us underground!

Think about these unique features of an underground business facility:

  •  Security - when only the most secure will do!
    • Our most important security feature is our underground location.  Being underground limits access to only authorized persons.  There is very limited vulnerability to criminal activity such as break-ins or vandalism.
    • MO-KAN Underground also uses:
      • Chain link and barbed wire fencing around the perimeter of our 125 acre facility.
      • State-of-the-art security systems including motion sensing cameras both indoors and outdoors.
      • Steel security doors with high-security locks.
  • Reduced Utility and Maintenance Costs
    • Low utility expenses because our facility naturally maintains a temperature between 70°-75° year around.  Utilities for 'Warehouse Only Customers" are included in their lease rate.  Most other customers see a savings of 50%-70% on utilities compared with above ground costs.
    • Lower maintenance costs because there is no roof or foundation maintenance and all exterior maintenance such as mowing and snow removal are included in the lease rate.
  • Reduced Building Costs for Buildouts
    • No roof related building costs.  Roof never leaks.
    • No exterior walls are necessary.
    • No additional foundation is necessary.  Limestone floors are 6X stronger than concrete.  There is already a 6" layer of concrete on top of the limestone, just to provide a smooth surface.
    • Lower insulation costs because of moderate, constant temperature.
    • Due to the stable and comfortable temperatures, HVAC equipment can be scaled back or eliminated.
    • No parking lot expenses.  Parking already available indoors.
  • Faster Buildout to Exact Tenant Specifications
    • We have up to 1.5 million square feet of usable space that is ready to build.
    • We will work with you to determine your exact needs and then the roof, exterior walls and foundation are already in place.
    • Facility is extremely energy efficient.
    • Fewer building materials are required to obtain same amount of commercial space.
  • Disaster Resistant - Tenants choose underground because they have critical operations.
    • Fire resistant
    • Flood resistant
    • Tornado proof
    • Lightening resistant
    • Snow & Ice proof
  • Infrastructure - On property or adjacent access to:
    • Truck loading docks
    • Rail spur
    • Barge docks (Missouri River, 6th largest in U.S.)